The Beginners Forex Course will guide you through the basics involved in Forex trading and explain how you can trade the Forex markets . It is designed to give you the best start to your trading career and prepare you for live trading.   The Beginners Forex Course endeavors to introduce and guide a new Forex trader by helping understand the working of the market and how to open an account. The course is geared at initiating the trader’s journey on a high note by helping him prepare for his trading career ahead. The trader is trained on the building blocks of the market, the key terminologies needed to go ahead as well as some tantalizing answers to some FAQs that would help the trader have a clearer view of the trading arena.   Module 1: Introduction to The Forex Market Introduction The Forex Market Benefits of Trading Forex Key Forex Players Chart Setup Profile Creation   Module 2: Currency Trading Basic Concepts Introduction The Very Basics Direct/Indirect Quotes and Base/Counter Currency Pairs Lots, Pips and Spreads Margin (Leverage) Rollover Type of Orders     Module 3: Fundamental Analysis Introduction What moves the Forex Market? Important Economic Indicators […]


        As opposed to relying on indicators and automated bots, Bank Manipulation is a trading technique that is based solely on the price movements on a naked chart to predict future moves. The traders use past knowledge to learn about how the currency price is likely to behave in the near future and base their trading decisions upon that. Banks are a key player in the Forex market and knowing how they behave is crucial to trading successfully. As a trader, you need to be smart with your money and know where you are investing. Banks are a large player in the market and knowing about the strategies adopted by these key players gives you an edge over others in the game and makes sure your invested money is in the right place.   What can you expect in the BANK MANIPULATION TRADING COURSE? The subscriber can look forward to an initiation where they will be thoroughly briefed on how to set up the charting platform correctly. Besides the basics, there will be in-depth sessions describing the various market patterns and trend lines that the trader can exploit to gain benefits from their trading ventures. The course […]

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