Forex Training Chennai- Besant Nagar|Forex Trading Course Chennai-Besant Nagar |Forex Fund Manager Chennai-Besant Nagar

Forex Training Chennai- Besant Nagar|Forex Trading Course Chennai-Besant Nagar |Forex Fund Manager Chennai-Besant Nagar


I’m writing to you from my Training Center in Chennai-Besant Nagar , Tamilnadu, India

Forex Trading is getting very POPULAR right now and you are right, Forex is a very good tool and good market to make money whereby the entry cost is very low.

A lot of Trader learn forex through self-learning, some through ebook, book, free seminar, youtube or online article. Most of the courses only teach Technical Analysis (TA) and Candlestick.

Bear in mind, if TA & Candlestick is so good and profitable, why JP Morgan Traders need to commit suicide? (Check from Youtube). Actually TA & Candlestick already an out dated methods which is not suitable in today high volatility market.

I teach forex since 2006 and I also managed some forex fund in overseas market.  I found out that 90% of trader lost money or cannot trade with consistency profit.

Here, I would like to introduce my Course Contents which teaches some advance methods like:


I’m looking for serious student who like to make Forex Trading a profitable trade or business and to be trained to become a Fund Manager.

My courses also open to housewife, retiree and IB who like to use this skill to make a monthly income between 500 USD– 2000 USD by trading at home and they can use scalping method which will cover in Advance 2 years Mentor-Ship Program (3 Days).

Telegram/ Whatsapp / Skype with me and I can brief you the course outline and other questions that you might like to ask.

You need not to be in Chennai-Besant Nagar (“Tamilnadu”) to learn whereby I also can provide online course via skype on One 2 One basis as what I’m doing now over to 51 countries (from China to Chile).

Online Course is very easy to learn for housewife and retiree, but if you do like to be in Tamilnadu for 1 or 3 days, you are most welcome.

How you can learn, Trade and making money all from home:

  1. Start the mentor-ship program from Home
  2. Practice Demo Account from Home
  3. Guide by mentor One 2 One from Home
  4. Mentor check your Trading Result from Home
  5. Mentor Guide you Step by Step from Home
  6. Start trading Live Account after Trading SkillMatured from Home
  7. Monitor The live Trading Progress from Home
  8. Making Live Money from Home
  9. Retire from Home
  10. Able to Run IB (Introdocing Broker) business from Home
  11. Become Fund Managerand earn Trading Profit Sharing from Home
  12. Become my Course referral center from Home
  13. Built Forex Business from Home
  14. Introduce our Forex Fund(return 5%-10% a month) from home.
  15. No need to face Office Politic, Jam and Manage all your time from Home.
  16. Take care your family and kids from home.

Sometime, I also conduct small workshop for online courses from time to time at hotel

Mail : [email protected] Skype : qmanager.live
Phone : 0091 9600329983 and 0091 9487929983
Whatsup: +91-9600329983 and viber: +91-9600329983
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Facebook : www.facebook.com/forextamil4u
Twitter: https://twitter.com/forextamil
Youtube : www.youtube.com/user/senthamizharasuvta
Tradingview: https://www.tradingview.com/u/forextamil/
website: www.tradingwithtamil.com and www.forextamil.com
Broker: www.ttsmarkets.com

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