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Forextamil.com started as a Blog to publish the personal trading views of Mr. Senthamizharasu. Enormous support and steady growth in followers resulted in building a Strong global community of profiting traders. We at Forextamil.com focus on achieving financial heights of an Individual or a company through online trading. By taking advantage of flourishing online trading, we engage in Training, Asset Management, and Brokerage services for a wide range of products that comprise of Forex, CFD, Indices, Stocks, and Commodities.

With a mission of making success the top priority and a vision to help every trader reap the benefits of Online Trading, you will find our service remarkable and highly valuable as a stepping stone in your success story.

Paving its own way to the top, ForexTamil.com is now at its 8th Year leaving a long list of satisfied clientele across the globe.

Mr.Senthamizharasu, being a Trading Entrepreneur at the tender age of just 27 years, he made his to the top of the business ladder and reached to India’s Top 10 Traders’ list. He was awarded the Best Trader in Asia – 2015 at ChinaForexExpo held at Shanghai. He started as an Individual Trader and compounded the business services that turned him wealthy in his 20’s, with a bachelor’s degree in engineering . He has built his business profile sky high with his tremendous experience and is now leaving his mark on the history of Online Trading Industry.

THE 4 TIPS THAT WILL GET YOU THE RESULTS YOU NEED Simple is better. Go back to the basics. Even with thousands of technical indicators and tools,I always came back to the easiest of them: price and support and resistance levels. And you will too, eventually you will. Market condition. Whatever you do in the short term charts, the market will always move based on what is going on the long term charts. Keep an eye on them, and only trade when both, short and long term charts are connected. Confidence. You need to be confident in yourself and in the trading system you are using. The only way to get there is if you are comfortable with the system you are trading. So tweak it until you make the system you are using YOUR own system. Risk. The fact that you open trades doesn’t mean that you accept the risk of taking that trade. Understand that risk is part of what we do and every trade has the possibility to move against us, therefore you need to manage your risk, capital and trades. Follow these 4 ideas and you’ll be on your way to get consistent results. I can help you put these ideas to work. This is how I trade I first analyze the long term charts to determine: Which currency pairs to trade, and Determine whether the market is ranging or trending. Once I have a list of the clearest currency pairs for the day, I switch over to the short term charts to look for my entries. I don’t use technical indicators, nor Fibonacci or Elliot Waves (I find them too subjective). I have a very well defined trading plan, including risk & trade management. The common denominator in everything I use to trade is: simplicity.A few other things about me: I have more than 4.5 years of experience trading in the Forex market I got interested in the Forex market in my college days I trade a self-developed system based on price action. FOREXTAMIL.COM

Indians, Check RBI Regulations before you trade forex

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