LEARN FOREX TRADING IN CHENNAI |FOREX TRAINING IN CHENNAI – If you want to Learn Forex Trading, then you have come to the right place. Classes Especially For Beginners and unsuccessful traders.


It is a very Innovative Trading Method developed by me ( Tamil ). I have vast experience and knowledge in markets for many years.

Moreover I provide technical assistance to many Clients. My clients are spread all over the globe like UK, USA, Europe, Australia, Latin America, South Africa, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Cyprus, Seychelles, Virgin Islands, Guatemala Islands, Panama Islands, Mauritius and many more.

Further I involved himself in Market Research for many years. After many years of hard work I have found out the unrevealed secrets of trading which induced him to create a method for evergreen success in trading and the outcome is 10pip Secret.

Are you ?

  • Tired of trying so many EA’s?
  • Confused of using so many Indicators?
  • Averse of your trading results even after learning a lot of strategies in trading?
  • Not able to find any successful trading system/strategy/indicator/robot?
  • Not able to recover your loss in trading?
  • New to Trading Arena?
  • In search of a Proven Trading Method which works well every time?

What’s special in this strategy you teach ?

  • This strategy is entirely new to the trading world.
  • This is never written on any books or articles.
  • This is never discussed on any blogs or websites or forums.
  • It is scientifically as well as practical.
  • Here, your SL and Targets are Dynamic. Not Fixed or Floating.
  • You can trade with any Broker or Platform.
  • No recommendation from us to trade with a particular broker
  • Anyone can learn to do this, No Experience Required.
  • Make consistent money in Rising & Falling market.
  • Ability to earn 2 to 5% per day from the next day on wards.

Why this course if different from other course ?

  • It’s not an Auto Robot or EA.
  • It’s not an Indicator, Templates or System
  • It’s not any Copy Cat method or strategy from any other source.
  • It’s not about Elliott Wave or Fibonacci or GANN or Pivot Points.
  • It’s not about things like MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, Stochastic, CCI, MA, SMA, EMA, or any other indicators or tools.
  • No Volume Based Trading as actual Volumes are Hidden in all Stocks, Commodity and Currencies.
  • No need to analyse Datas like LME or US Job Claims or anyother Economical/Fundamental Data.
  • No need to worry about 1 Year High/Low, Life Time High/Low and so on.
  • No Hedging.
  • No Increment or Multiplication of Lot Size.
  • No Averaging.
  • No Martingale or Anti-Martingale.
  • No Scalping.
  • No Arbitrage.
  • No Price Action.
  • No Correlation.
  • No Level Trading.
  • No Support / Resistance.
  • No Option Trading.
  • No Chart Pattern.
  • No Candlesticks Pattern.

All about the strategy

  • It’s a 100% Pure and New Trading Method (which can be done without Indicators or Templates or Robots/EAs or any such thing)
  • Can be applied in Stocks, Commodities, Currency/Forex, Bonds etc…
  • Can be applied in short term, medium term as well as long term trades.
  • Proven trading results in real time.
  • You can use it on any time frame like 15 Mins.
  • You don’t have to Trade all time day or night. Only Time Bounds
  • Can earn 2% to 5% per day by using this method.
  • More than 90% accuracy.
  • To implement this method you don’t have to be an expert in trading or technicals or fundamentals.
  • Already many youngsters, college goers, office goers, self-employed, businessmen, traders, housewives and retired persons have joined this workshop and benefited.
  • It’s very simple and easy for everyone to follow.


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