Property OR Shares Which one Is Better ?

When you invest on something, you have to ensure that you’ll get the solid income the capital returns over the long term! What’s the best way to do this? Usually, this kind of important investment decision are depends up-on the individual personality and their lifestyle. Who’s choosing property? People who choose to buy property are generally more traditional and conservative. Indians are more concerned about the property ownership with better living standards. Who’s choosing shares? The long-term average investment on share, will out-range the property owned in the same period of time. Although the stock market is historically very cruel, it’s a boom and bust cycle that is universally widespread. Owning shares doesn’t tie you to a location, allowing you to pursue your career goals anywhere. There’s no ongoing maintenance, council fees, neighbours or tenants to worry about, and the whole investment can be easily managed online. Transactional costs are low, and you can’t lose more than you invest. Plus you get ongoing income through payment of dividends So,Why still properties are still popular? Why Indians choosing property over shares Most wealthy Indians hold their wealth in property. While this may change as our culture adapts to the digital age […]

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