Past week, market focused on escalating trade war tension between US and CHINA



The NZDCAD pair Printing signals in the bear zone with the constant tone. I’ll be looking for price to hit a previous resistance now turned support on the 4 hr time scale. From 0.91470, the price range moved in the sideways for a long-drawn span. After that, the chart printed signals as a reversal pattern. At 0.91053, the market awfully broke the trend as an impulse(shown in the graph). After the price moved into this area, the price range got a chance for two probabilities. By the impact of the trend broke out, signals have enough energy to travel as an impulse to the whole way down. I’ll be looking for bear candles. (shown in the graph) Or else the signals may direct the correction to the top and build a solid base for an impulse (PULLBACK) to jump down (shown in the graph). In case after the correction formation if the signals continued to progress in the bullish trade means, end the trade at 0.91916. SIGNAL SPECIFICATION: Pair: NZDCAD Order: SELL Entry: 0.90698 Pending entry: 0.91157 Take profit: 0.89296 Stop loss: 0.91916 Risk Vs Reward:1.15 —————————————————————————- Our Unique Features: 1. Follow our 15 signals ….10% equity will increase in […]

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