GBPCAD buy plan: In the chart, signals moving as a flag correction.



    In a day time-frame the pound rallying significantly against the Japanese Yen. The GBPJPY is one of the familiar pair in forex market. However, the price range finally breakthrough confluence correction trend with a potential impulse. At 144.072, the market pitched an impulse and saved the trend from the downfall. Right after the impulse, the signal tends a flag correction to boost up the flow in upward. Even the break out gave confirmation for the uptrend move. In Spite of the above facts, I’m looking forward for an impulse formation from the current price range to the hilltop. By the potential of the break out impulse, the fly may last to 149.082. Most of the time price range won’t come back to the previous breakout range, In-case candles forming in the bear ground means, end the trade at 144.834. HAPPY TRADING.   SIGNAL SPECIFICATION: Pair: GBPJPY Order: BUY Entry: 146.399 Take profit:149.082 Stop loss:144.834 Risk Vs Reward:1.71   Our Unique Features: 1. Follow our 15 signals ….10% equity will increase in your account for sure. 2. We are not Trailing stop! or average the trades. 3. 2% Risk Management Per trade. 4. Risk vs Reward up to 1:7. […]

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