LONG:GBP/NZD:Sterling might show limited upside action on Tory’s victory



As Britain gears up for a general election on Thursday, PM Boris Johnson pledged to reduce immigration in a “transformative” Brexit. The latest polls indicate a very narrow lead for Johnson, which means that the stakes remain high for the GBP pairs this week. We expect a pull back to Resistance 4h for a drop later this week…….. The post-financial crisis and massive central bank stimulus that followed in developed nations has led to some of the lowest bond yields in history. In a move to find higher returns, cash has moved abroad into economies that offer higher yielding assets. Countries such as New Zealand have benefitted during these times, but with the Fed’s move to scale back asset purchases in combination with slower growth in China, the four year trend may be showing signs of fundamental weakness. Our Unique Features: ————————————————————— 1. Follow our 15 signals ….10% equity will increase in your account for sure. 2. We are not Trailing stop! or average the trades. 3. 2% Risk Management Per trade. 4. Risk vs Reward up to 1:7. Note: Trade signals would usually have a risk to reward ratio of 1:2. It means that even 2 out of 4 signals hits their SL […]

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