Trendline Breakout Strategy With 200 EMA


Trendline Breakout Forex Trading Strategy-Best Breakout Forex System

The trendline breakout forex trading strategy is based on the idea that when price breaks a trendline, the trend has “potentially” changed. So what this means is that if you spot price break a downward trendline, then that means that an uptrend has started so you should look to buy. The opposite is also true: if you see that price has broken an upward trendline, that means the the downtrend has started so you should sell. Timeframes: Any Currency Pairs: Any Indicators: no indicators required as this is a price action trading system that just uses candlesticks. HOW TO DRAW TRENDLINES For a market in a downtrend, price will be forming peaks of decreasing height. Its these decreasing height peaks that you need to use to draw the downward trendline. For downward trendlines, you connect a minimum of two lower swing highs and draw a line and that forms your downward trendline. For a market in an uptrend, price will be forming low of increasing heights. There are the lows that you use to draw upward trendline. So you need to connect at least two higher swing lows and you would have an upward trendline. Click this link if you […]

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