Kill Forex Losing Streaks

 Learn Forex Trading Online Free,Forex Signals Free Signals Live,Forex Market Signals,Forex Companies India, Trade The Forex Market Kill Forex Losing Streaks Imagine a small losing streak of just 5 trades risking 3% on each; it would cost you a massive 13% of your account. Think about that for a second, 13% of your account wiped out by just a handful of bad trades…… if you’re a trader the very thought of that should send shivers down your spine.  So, if you have a bad run you could easily end up decimating your account, after just a few trades. Let’s also remember math is pretty logical but we as human beings are pretty emotional. With math we can say that each trade had a risk of 3%. In real life though, most newbie’s after a few losses would make the mistake of trading out of anger. 3% risk becomes 5% and before they know it what started off as a little losing streak becomes a margin call. There Is a Way Round Losing Streaks It is just so simple, if you lose 3 trades in a row close down your platform and take a few days off trading. This allows you […]

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